Spinone Quadrone
Spinone Italiano roano marrone 1887, considerato come il tipo ideale della razza
Dipinto del pittore G. B. QUADRONE
                                                         (Dal Delor, I cani da ferma italiani ed esteri)

Spinone Vecchio
Spinone Italiano roano marrone 1904, che rappresenta ancora il tipo
classico e perfetto di questa varietà  –  Disegno di A. VECCHIO.
                                                                           (Da A. Vecchio, Il cane)

Camp Isabella del Subasio consenso su Tuono in ferma su starne (1975)

 Tuono del Subasio in consenso su Camp Isabella in ferma su starne (1975)

The Italian Spinone and the Similar Races)

The Italian Spinone

The Spinone

Ezio next to the Prof. Manlio Matteucci
at the exhibition of Roma


Mr. Ennio Dehò, Big Trainer and Big expert

FIRST GENERATION  «B.A. x R.M.»  (11/01/1973)

Camp. Ass. Int. Cirillo Delle Tre Sorgenti (1)

Translate by Mrs. Angela Lepore - Italy

The first litter was born from Camp. Ripr. Renis (3) and from Camp. Ass. Int. Cirillo Delle Tre Sorgenti (1). This was the last covering of Cirillo since the following day an unfortunate shot  damaged the right anterior limb, as shown in the picture (2), from that day Cirillo is couldn’t reproduce anymore but kept on chasing.
From this litter 7 pups were born, including e the absolute Champion Aro and the Italian Champion Isabella.
This is the first line of blood White Orange tree that I used in order to begin the breeding.

Camp. Ass. Int. Cirillo Delle Tre Sorgenti (2)

To left, Renis Camp. di Caccia Pratica 1973  (3)


Dr. Antonio Storace e Camp. Ass. Aro of the Subasio (4)


Ezio and the Camp. Isabella del Subasio (5)

SECOND GENERATION  «R.M. x R.M.»  (24/05/1974)

In the middle of the picture, there is the
strong absolute Champion Trebbio


The second litter was born from a  hunting and reproducing Champion named Renis and from the absolute Champion. Trebbio. (6)
This is the line of blood Roano Marrone, from this joining Tuono of the Subasio was born; unfortunately (7) in the highest peak of its career Tuono of the Subasio died in a car accident.

Ezio takes a picture of Tuono of the Subasio and to
dear friend Dino Bondi in a ring located in Siena (7)

Cav. Angelo Massimino and my dear friend
Dino Bondi with Tuono del Subasio after the trial

Tuono del Subasio to point (7)
Owner my
dear friend Dino Bondi

THIRD GENERATION  «R.M. x R.M.» (16/12/1975)

The Champion Giada del Quadrone
meets the absolute Champion Trebbio.


The third litter was born from the Champion Giada del Quadrone and from the absolute champion Trebbio.
In this case just a female puppy was born, named Brenta del Subasio who was briught by the  friends Carlo Bonelli before, and later Luca Massimino to the Absolute and International B.   Championship.

CH. Giada del Quadrone
and Brenta of the Subasio puppy


Camp. Ass. Brenta of the Subasio
Mother of


Ch Assoluto Enea del Subasio

FOURTH GENERATION  «R.M. x R.M.» (11/07/1976)

This litter  was born s from the absolute champion Trebbio and he champion Giada del Quadrone but, this time the pups are 9 and colored  roan brown, "my passion", two of these (Tara e Taro 2º) will be Italian Champions and Tano a SuperSpinone.
Tano represented a really valuable line of blood brown roan, whose descent derived from  the Patatrac of Ceresoli and the Treo of Corsini; I felt so proud to run so many Kms to reach Cirillo in Genoa before, and Trebbio twice in Milan
. Definitely I worked filled of hope: at the end the results arrived, and I think that we deserved it all! 

Camp. Giada del Quadrone e 9 pups

My dear friend Carlo Bonelli (Father of Claudia, to right)
and CH Sila of the Subasio

Claudia Bonelli with CH Furia of the Subasio



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